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IZI Cards IZI Cards
IZI Cards IZI Cards

Custom Design

Add identity to your Digital Card, choose colors, logo or photo, unlimited buttons, background, etc ...

Direct Calls

Add the CALL button, when clicking, call to your phone will be made without the need to enter the number.

Location Map

Add the Location button displays with your address or business address via Google Maps

Social Media

Add Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Spotify, TikTok and Twitch!


IZI Cards - Interactive Digital Cards

The Future is Digital

IZI Cards

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The Future is DIGITAL!

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IZI Cards IZI Cards

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Digital Cards

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The Future is DIGITAL!

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IZI Cards IZI Cards

IZI Cards - Interactive Digital Cards


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Increased retention of cards delivered and received

Approximately 88% of traditional cards distributed are discarded. This occurs not because of the person's lack of interest in you, but because of the lack of where to keep it or the excess of papers in your pocket that need to be thrown away eventually. So, when this person actually needs your contact, the card will not be found. IZI Cards 'digital business cards can be saved on your mobile phone, having them at hand whenever you need them.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

For every 100 customers using an IZI Cards digital business card, two trees are no longer felled. Therefore, by adopting IZI Cards digital cards, you and your company are helping to preserve the environment. .

Interactive and online card

IZI Card digital cards are responsive, that is, with just one click you are directed to make calls, send emails and access the main social networks. With this, making calls, for example, becomes much more practical and there is no risk of your customer typing the incorrect number and making an unwanted call to another person.

Unlimited sharing

Who has not been through this situation? Imagine that you are at an event and there you meet someone important. You mention your activity and that person shows interest in your service or product and asks for your professional contact. You check your pocket, but remember that you don't have your traditional business card, because you didn't think you would need it at that exact moment and place. Because of that little slip, you end up losing a potential prospect. However, with IZI Cards digital cards this would not happen, as you would have access on your mobile phone and could use it anytime and anywhere. You can share your Digital IZI Cards unlimitedly through any digital medium, such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Social Networks and more.

Extremely Economic

IZI Cards digital business cards are extremely economical, as there is no need to pay for new prints when you need more cards.

Make a good impression

You will make an impression by presenting your IZI Cards digital business card in an exclusive and innovative way. When someone asks if you have a business card on hand, answer 'No, I have something better'. Then present your digital business card from IZI Cards. That response catches the other person's attention and is definitely an interesting start to a conversation.

Totally Online

You do not need to send any image or PDF file, thus avoiding taking up space on your prospect's equipment. Your IZI Cards are distributed in the form of a personalized link, which can even work like a Business Card and a Website.

Generate better business opportunities

As it is digital and online, you can share your IZI Cards with distant people. Thus, your networking becomes more comprehensive and will not be restricted only to those close to you.

IZI Cards IZI Cards IZI Cards
IZI Cards

Contacts and Orders

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IZI Cards

IZI Cards - Interactive Digital Cards


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